Monday, April 30, 2012


Beachport is a very small fishing/holiday village. The population of about 500 during the off season would grow considerably during the holiday season, as with most seaside towns. All the locals seem to be associated with the Lobster fishing or support industries.

The central point of Beachport is it's jetty. Built around the mid 1800's it's completed length was 4000 feet (about 1230 m) with a 200 feet head section. It is currently about 2500 feet long (about 760 m). 

A view from a lofty vantage point looking over a boat yard towards the end of the jetty. Apart from tourism during the peak season the main industry here is Southern Rock Lobster Fishing. We spoke to the owner of the boat that is just coming out of boat shed, all the catch from the SA coast is destined for China, Aussies cannot afford the price.

Jude and I were wandering around the side streets of Beachport and found some interesting sights, like this 'His and Hers' toilets behind a house. They didn't seem to mind me walking in and taking this photograph.

Tucked in between two buildings on the main street is this tiny church. There is no information signage but even though it has been refurbished I would assume that it has been here for some time.

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