Sunday, April 8, 2012


There was a special purpose in our visit to Warrnambool. Aaron and Jodie were also there, with lovely Minnie, to attend a family wedding. Judy leapt at the chance to 'baby-sit' Minnie while her parents were at the wedding. We stayed at the Top Tourist Warrnambool Holiday Park on the western approach to Warrnambool. Our hosts there, John and Brenda, were very friendly and welcoming. The four of us spent considerable time comparing caravan travelling tales and ideas. So if you are looking for a great place to stay, give them a call. Phone: 03 5562 5031 or visit them on the web at

15 km east of Warrnambool is the Allansford Cheese Factory. This factory has  a great reputation for its cheese production and is a very popular tourist destination.

Across the road from the factory is the cheese cellar where you can taste the local product and make your purchases from the extensive range. There are also two comprehensive museums, one of  vintage memorabilia and one of vintage engines.

Cannon Hill Lookout in Warrnambool overlooks parklands and Lake Pertobe below, and in the distance, the breakwater.

It is possible to walk from the breakwater along the rugged, wind and wave swept coast along a path and boardwalk to Thunder Point.

More of the rocky coast line that extends along most of the south-west coast of Victoria.

In times past it was possible to negotiate some places of the coastal cliffs. Now-a-days any access is completely restricted. Here you can see why! In the centre ground it is possible to see some steps cut into the rock face. These steps have now been blocked by a huge boulder that has fallen from the cliff face.

At the end of the walk is Thunder Point. As the swell rolls in the water is trapped in large hollows in the rock face and booms like thunder as it cascades out again.

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