Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tyrendarra and The Fitzroy River

During our four day stay at Saw Pit Reserve we met up with Ashley and Diane, fellow Queensland travellers from Airlie Beach. They returned to camp one day and said that they had found a better place to camp and were going to move right away. We told them to expect a visit from us the following morning. After making a quick "reccy" we soon went back and collected our caravan and moved camp. We were at the Outlet of The Fitzroy River where it meets the Southern Ocean. We were there with about 200 other campers over Easter. Steve and Kay from Brisbane joined us and the trio of Queenslanders had a great Easter together. The first "Happy Hour" together continued for six hours!

Our trio of couples from Queensland sitting around the camp fire at "Happy Hour". We needed the roofing iron in place to prevent the wind from blowing the fire away. Ashley (with back to camera), Steve, Judy, Kay, Diane and the empty chair is me.

Our three caravans after the masses had gone home. That is us on the left, Ashley and Diane centre and Steve and Kay on the right.

The Fitzroy River, looking upstream. The hardy fishers were catching good sized Bream upstream from this point.

There is only a very narrow sand dune separating the ocean from the river at this point. One hour before this photograph was High Tide and the ocean swells had breached the dune in two places. You can make out a patch of clear sand near the left, that was one breach and another has just occurred towards the right. You can just make out a small patch of white spume on the edge of the water in the river.

It is posible to see the breakers on the shore for a long distance but just off-centre is the river outlet. I could barely take these photographs along the river, the wind was storm force and I could barely keep my feet let alone keep the camera steady.

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