Monday, April 9, 2012

Mount Clay State Forest

For our next stop, we decided to try something different. We pulled into Mount Clay State Forest, out of Narrawong, and camped at Saw Pit Reserve. The reserve is very close to Portland and it is free to stay there. We were able to travel into town as required. We were away from the coast and bush camping. This was a pleasant change from the coastal parks we had been frequenting, until the batteries lost effective charge because of the very filtered sunlight coming through the forest trees.

An old logging wagon located in Saw Pit Reserve.

I presume this is a simulated log sawing bench over a saw pit. Hence the name of the reserve.

Our camp site looks bright and sunny now but there was insufficient sunlight to maintain the batteries. We did move camp to another location after four days here.

This is a shot of the Narrawong Beach looking towards Portland. No rocky cliffs here, there are low sand dunes all along this section of the coast.

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