Monday, June 1, 2015

Karratha and Surrounds, WA.

The rain is following us and, unfortunately, quite often catching up with us. We vacated Karijini, before we had seen very much, because of rain, and although the trip out was dry and sunny, after our overnight stop at Yule River Rest Area the following day was a wash out! Even before we pulled out of Yule River RA the rain was falling and by the time we travelled the short distance to Whim Creek, about 30 km, the rain was "torrential"! Wipers on flat out, speed down to 70 kph and seeing the road was extremely difficult but there was no where to safely get off the highway. Floodways were under water by this stage but we were able to continue on and eventually reached Karratha. As we drove into Karratha we heard on the two-way radio that the highway was closed at Whim Creek as were several other roads in the area. We didn't do too much for a couple of days except dry the caravan out. We did experience a water leak at the front window, something that has not occurred previously.

We booked in at Karratha for a week long stay to let the rain clear and also because I have been carrying a back injury for a few weeks now and wanted time to rest and recover. I've had treatment on my back at Pingelly, Carnarvon and now Karratha. Following this third treatment in Karratha I think I am coming good again.

Karratha is a 'Resources Town' and the Prices of Services here reflect this fact. It appears as if the Boom has been and gone judging by the amount of empty housing and accommodation here in this town and the region as a whole.

It is not every region that can boast of a Movie Star! But this area has Red Dog. Immortalised here at the entry to Dampier.

It is the West Australia Day long weekend here and this gathering is The Red Dog Festival.

From The Festival Site looking over to The Dampier Iron Ore Ship Loading Complex. This is the ore from Paraburdoo and Tom Price.

Relative Close Up of two Ore Carriers being simultaneously loaded. 

Also adjacent to Dampier is The Giant North West Shelf Gas Processing Plant.

Also nearby to Karratha is the Historic Town of Cossack. This town is mostly a Museum but it is still possible to stay over here in town. This is The Court House.

This is The Customs House. All the buildings here were constructed of masonry materials bought here as Ballast on the early shipping luggers.

The Cossack Wharf on The Harding River. The West Australia Pearling Industry began here in Cossack before transferring to Broome.

The old steps down to water level are very worn and weathered.

Town Beach at Cossack. Now a popular beach fishing location, but beware the sand flies are bad.

There is another Iron Ore Loading facility at Lambert Point as viewed from Cossack Town Look Out.

There are two ships at The Loading Facility and a further 16 at anchor along the Horizon Line. There is also a Lighthouse on the Island. Enlarge this picture and it becomes clearer.


  1. Hi Noel and Judy, if you ever go shopping at the super market, don't know if it is Coles or Safeway, there is Roz and Tony Adams, been travelling for a year now from SA. they have picked up some jobs in Karratha, they are posting their travels in the facebook, My wife Susan (Lazy Sizie Yong) is one of her followers on her Roz N Tony on the Road, Roz works at the Deli and Tony is with the bakery, They are very nice people , do ask about at the Deli if you ever go shopping there..We haven't met them before, only know them from their post in the fb. Heard of the rain and water over road a few days ago in Karratha ( Was told that its a place that seldom rains). thanks for your blogs We have been to most of the places your are visiting, quite familiar when reading your blogs. but we did not spend too much time in one place. Spent a week at Ex Mouth, camping at Cape Range NP in 2012. Enjoy the rest of your journey, and drive safe, sorry to hear of your back injury, wishing you speedy recover. Hope the weather improves for you guys soon. Take care.