Thursday, May 28, 2015

Karijini National Park, WA.

We booked into Dales Gorge Camp Ground for 7 nights with the intention of completing every Gorge Walk in Karijini NP. We had just set up camp and it started to rain. Not too heavy but enough to prevent walking without protective gear. In a short break in the weather we were walking the Camp Ground Loops and discovered that Gary and Dee were also camping at Dales. Naturally we caught up with all the latest news over a couple of beers.

The next morning was overcast but not raining. We decided to take in The Dales Gorge Rim Walk and as it eventuated, that was the final activity we were able partake in, as the rain started in earnest from that point on. We went to the Camp Hosts for a weather report and it was all bad news. We lasted out five nights of our booking and then departed as our batteries were reading a very low voltage.

Water wasn't an issue in the caravan as we were harvesting water off the awning and pumping it into our tanks. It was only the state of our batteries that forced us out. That and the day time temperature of 13 deg. We also thought it wise to leave early as the Hosts might increase our nightly tariff as we now have a 'Lake Side' Camp site! There were only 23 Camp Sites occupied in the entire Camp Ground that now consisted of Red Mud and Water.

We were very disappointed in having to leave this wonderful National Park but the weather conditions were too bad to explore the Park in all it's glory. We will have to come back another time, another year!

Circular Pool in Dales Gorge.

Did you notice the White Barked Snappy Gum clinging to the wall of Dales Gore in the previous photo.

White Barked Snappy Gums grow in many strange shapes. Not one of them is straight trunked.

The River winding it's way through Dales Gorge.

Unusual rock formations are everywhere.

Fortescue Falls at the beginning of Dales Gorge.

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  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    We see you are still in WA looking at the many great sites that are on offer to explore, pity about the weather.

    We are now back in Melbourne for a few weeks and then on to Tasmania for 6 to 8 weeks doing some house sits

    Cheers for now keep safe Jim and Lee