Thursday, May 7, 2015

Carnarvon, WA.

I fully realise that Carnarvon experienced a Cyclone barely 8 weeks, ago and there is ample evidence remaining of this fact, but still, I am totally underwhelmed by this town. Carnarvon is arguably on a par with the most disorganised and untidiest towns I have ever visited. Carnarvon doesn't offer much to the tourist at all.

Now that I've got that off my chest, The Wintersun CP was an excellent place to stay in the town and all the Traders we spoke to were very helpful. I had a slight relapse of my back complaint from a few weeks ago and Shelley gave me, at a price, an hour long Hot Rock Deep Tissue Massage that almost made me a permanent cripple the following day but after that I am feeling the benefit of the "work out" and feel totally fit to drive once more.

Three days was enough for us here, it's time to move on. We are heading towards Cape Range National Park and had to forward book on-line to gain access. We don't normally like to commit ourselves like this but in this instance we had no other option. But we have a couple more stops before we reach that point.

This is probably one of the better aspects of the Carnarvon CBD.

The Gemini and Apollo Space Programs Museum detailing Carnarvon's role in the programs is very interesting, we spent some time in there. Donned our Space Suits for the experience.

Just about to board The Apollo Space Capsule for a Blast Off into Orbit. Jude came aboard as well. It's OK we were able to parachute back to Earth.

The Antenna that was in use at Carnarvon before the Space Program began in earnest. This was replaced by purpose systems bought over from the USA. All of those antenna systems have been removed now.

The Space Museum is located beside The OTC Dish Antenna but this apparatus had no involvement with the Space Program.

The coast line North of Carnarvon is home to Treacherous Quobba Blowholes.

The wind was blowing "Offshore" today so the swell and the display was quite tame.

As evidence that the action can be far more spectacular, the rough rocky coastline has dried seawater pools, such as this one, at least 50 metres back from the coast edge.

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