Saturday, May 9, 2015

Coral Bay, WA.

En route to Exmouth we made a one night stop over at Minilya River RA. The following day we  called into Coral Bay on the off chance that there maybe a vacancy in either of the two Caravan Parks. Free camping is frowned upon by Exmouth Shire so our cash expenditure in the region will be minimal. We got into Peoples Park Caravan Park in an unpowered site at $47 per night. It is Beach Front so the view is exceptional. We treated ourselves to two nights here. Some regular visitors come here each year for three months or more, I don't know what they do to fill in their time, there is nothing here except a very picturesque bay inside Ningaloo Reef. Fishing is not allowed inside the Reef.

Minilya River RA, some of last night's campers have already departed. As the region has experienced two Cyclone Events in the past 8 weeks the river has plenty of water and the surrounding country side is lush green with new growth.

Coral Bay Foreshore.

Ningaloo Resort is to the right of picture, our Caravan Park is in the treed area to the left of the Resort.

From the sand dune lookout you can just make out the Reef in the distance.

A cloudless Sunset over Ningaloo Reef. At this time of day all we could hear was the roar of the surf on Ningaloo Reef.

Maybe because we are in Ningaloo Marine Park, this colourful guy felt secure sitting on a rock at the water's edge.


  1. Hi
    Did you have a look at the big cod under the boat jetty and did you see the feeding the fish on the waters edge in Coral Bay.

    Went in to Coral Bay or the day and stayed a week fishing and looking around and chilling out.

    Jim and Lee

    1. Hi Guys, Nobody told us of the Cod or the Groper under the jetty, so we missed that one. At $47 pn for unpowered and no water we weren't going to stay a week even if it is paradise.

  2. I loved Coral Bay, a very pretty spot, we did go out on a boat and look at the coral, I also would have loved to have seen the whale sharks but it was the wrong season.

    1. The Coral was only brown coloured so didn't do that and the fares on the Whale Shark Tours were approaching $300 ph, sadly gave that a miss too. Coral Bay is a lovely spot on the Coast though.

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