Sunday, June 14, 2015

Barn Hill Station, WA.

We only booked into Barn Hill Station for one night, as soon as we had set up camp and sat down for morning tea we decided to extend for another two days on the spot. We couldn't stay any longer as we didn't have sufficient food on board. We fell in love with the Rustic Ambience of the camp ground. From the amenities blocks without roofs to the intricacies of using power at only six amps. All power outlets have Circuit Breakers set to six amps, exceed your limit and you are out of power. Until you reset the Circuit Breaker that is! Sunday Morning is Market Day and Sunday Evening is the three course Roast of The Week. Seeing this is a Beef Station I am guessing the roast tonight will be Beef.

I was able to compile two Blog Posts here at Barn Hill Station as we have fast 4G Internet Connection, Amazing. I was even able to watch NRL Footy on Fox Sports over the Internet.

We will be heading out to Broome tomorrow morning, I think this is about 130 km. That means we had nine nights camping along the highway between Port Hedland and Broome, a distance of about 635 km.

The next Blog Report will be from Broome or Derby.

The 'Village Green' outside the Shop/Office/Reception. On the far side of the building there is a Bowling Green.

Sunday Morning Market. The 'Boys' are grouped around the angling supplies stall.

The Unpowered Area is situated around the Cliff Rim.

The Unpowered Area from up there.

This is Barn Hill, a gigantic pile of rock and the reason for the Station Name. Towards the right of the top you can see a Cairn, this was placed here by Alexander Forrest during his expedition to the Kimberleys in 1879.

After a rock scramble we made it to the top of Barn Hill. The camp area, along the cliff rim, extends from right of picture around to Jude's hat.

Indian Ocean view from the cliff top.

Another Indian Ocean and Coastal view looking South.

Rocky Headlands abound with many rock pools to clamber around. Of course these are populated with very small fish and crabs.

The following is a series of different rock formations that form the coast along these shores.

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