Saturday, June 20, 2015

Broome, WA.

In some ways it was difficult to move on from Barn Hill Station, there is this 'rustic' fascination about it that keeps people staying longer. However, we have new experiences to uncover in Broome.

Most of the Caravan Parks are near full in Broome at this time of the year. One needs to be at the gate fairly early to gain entry. We arrived about 11:00 AM, pulled up behind three other vans, and gained entry to the 'Overflow Area'. We discovered that this was not as bad as it sounded, we had a very large area with power and water and our own Camp Kitchen. Also, we only had to walk through the gate immediately behind us to gain entry to the amenities block.

Broome is a far larger City than I imagined with about 15000 people. The layout of the City is rather haphazard, with shopping and services scattered far and wide. Retail Pearl outlets predominate the main tourist areas. We didn't buy any though. I saw a string of large pearls going for $11490, I was fairly quick at ushering Judy out of that shop!

My back and hip felt the need for another Deep Remedial Massage and following an hour on the table we went for a Camel Ride and I undid all the good work of the Massage. Camel Saddles are quite wide and my legs were spread wide causing my hips to tell me that things were not good with my body. By the time my camel was back on his haunches at the end of the ride I couldn't move my legs. I needed assistance from the handler to get this 'Old Boy' out of the saddle. I don't need to do that again!

The weather up here is sublime, low 30's during the day and dropping to high teens during the night. There is very little wind, only mild cooling breezes. We are tempted to stay in the Kimberley Area for a while. I think we need a Holiday from our travels.

Broome Wharf with a Kimberley Coastal Tourist Cruiser tied up.

This is the area of large tidal changes, the tide is receding past the wharf pylons at a fast rate.

Pearl Shell was once a large industry in this area. This exquisite demonstration of the beauty of the shell is on show in the Broome Catholic Church.

This is The Gantheaume Point Lighthouse standing above the very rocky point. Cable Beach is visible in the background.

At very low tides Dinosaur footprints are visible on the rocky base of the point. We couldn't view the original specimens as low tide today was after sunset. Fortunately for us, Broome somehow coaxed the dinosaurs to return and provide alternate footprints in this slab of concrete.

Cable Beach with Gantheaume Point in the background.

The Blue Camels patiently waiting on Cable Beach for the next beach walk.

Judy and I meet Moostive. He is a very docile 22 year old male camel. Apparently he is approaching Middle Age as the can live to about 50 years.

A view of Cable Beach from the drivers seat of a camel. Ashley, in the blue shirt is offering a commentary as we walk the beach.

Myself and Judy on the Camel Walk, this was taken by Ashley. Jubul, Jude's camel took a liking to my Maroons Guernsey, he was nibbling at my arm along the way.

A short video also taken by Ashley.

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  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    Just to let you know that we have just arrived in Tasmania and will stay up the blog again in next few days

    Broome, is a another great place at the right time of the year stay safe and stay of the camels

    Jim and Lee