Sunday, June 14, 2015

Camp Hopping to Broome, WA.

We are heading North towards Broome, but the distance that we possibly could cover easily in two days will take us in excess of a week. We are definitely not in a hurry to get this trip over with!

Our first stop was the DeGrey River Rest Area. This is a huge area with a choice of high level or low level riverside camping. This Rest Area is Sign Posted as a 24 hour stop-over but many camps look as though they were staying for a Month.

After one night at DeGrey we moved along to 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park. This stage was approximately 150 km, which we broke up with a morning tea break at Pardoo Roadhouse.

We stayed three nights at 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park but many of the campers here were staying for three months or more. The Caravan Park is the only activity in the area, one needs to drive back to Port Hedland for supplies. The Caravan Park covers a large area,  is well grassed, well managed and probably caters for more than 200 Powered Sites as well as Cabins, Unpowered Caravan Sites and a large tent area.

On leaving 80 Mile Beach I was looking closely at the fuel gauge as we had been facing head winds since leaving Port Hedland and still had quite a distance to travel to reach Broome. It was only 45 km to Sandfire Roadhouse, we decided to have morning tea and refuel there. This Roadhouse is strategically located almost exactly mid way between Port Hedland and Broome and the fuel price took advantage of this fact, 179.5 c/l for Diesel.

It was then on a further 108 km to Stanley Rest Area for a one night stay before heading onto Goldwire Rest Area for a night, this is only 60 km from Stanley RA.

While we are on the short stage drive habit we will continue with another short stage to Barn Hill Station at only 37 km from Goldwire RA. The write up for Barn Hill will be covered in our next Blog Publication.

The De Grey River from the Highway Bridge.

The Low Level Camp area at De Grey RA is under trees and somewhat difficult to get into. Hardly worth the effort if only staying for one night.

The High Level area is open sunny and with ample space for in excess of 100 caravans.

I just love the twisted growth shapes of these White Gums.

Our first night at 80 Mile Beach we were treated to this Golden Sunset.

Looking South towards Port Hedland, there is plenty of scope for a Beach Walk. Reputedly, the beach is 220 km of uninterrupted sand.

Looking South again, from two hours before High Tide the beach anglers are lined up.

Looking to the North, as far as the eye can see, more anglers trying their luck. Some were lucky each day.

Looking from abreast the sand dune back into the Southern Section of 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park.

Just another light show for us on our final night at 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park.

The Sandfire Roadhouse.

The outdoor eating area at Sandfire Roadhouse. When people are eating in here there are about 10 Peacocks prancing around looking for their share of your food.

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