Monday, July 1, 2013

Rocky Creek Memorial Park

We have been staying in non powered sites that require paying a levy for the past 24 days, now it is time to begin economising again. Rocky Creek Memorial Park is a large area, capable of accommodating in excess of 100 camp sites. The Rocky Creek area was the site of a very large Allied Forces Base during WW2. Several 100,000 personnel were accommodated through out the base complex. The local council cleans the toilets and empties the bins twice a week, therefore, the camp as a whole remains tidy considering the number of people visiting.

Beside the position I took this photograph was the area where a large base hospital was constructed. I took these photographs early afternoon, believe me, by late afternoon there is very little free space remaining.

That is our camp in the centre, way over the back. We are out of the way there, most people try to camp as close as possible to the amenities block. The van on the right of us belongs to Mark from Maroochydore. To the left of us we now have two blokes in a camper from near Newcastle. They are heading for the Cape.

Another general scene looking down the centre access way. Everything remains generally orderly considering there are no guide markings of any description.

The main reason for the Park being in existence is the Memorial Area. No camping is allowed in this area but there is a Day Picnic Area. This is only some of The Memorial Plaques positioned here. The Plaques recognise most of the individual Battalions, Brigades, and Units from Australian and Overseas Defence Personnel in all Theatres of War. It is a sobering experience walking around this park, you wonder why they made the sacrifice, considering "the people" that are permitted to enter this Country now.

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