Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MT Carbine

A long time conundrum was resolved for me on booking into MT Carbine Caravan Park. The Proprietor there, Robert Waterhouse, routinely invites new visitors to a round table discussion on his patio. During this informal gathering he relates interesting facts about the MT Carbine area and Northern Queensland in general. Now to the answer of my conundrum, Towns like, MT Carbine, MT Surprise, MT Garnet and MT Isa have names beginning with MT. Have you ever looked up a postcode for these towns or tried entering an address on a GPS? "MT" is not recognised, you need to enter 'Mount' to achieve a result. In actual fact the "MT" is short for Mining Town and not Mount as there are no mountains in the areas surrounding these towns. The "Shiny Pants" bureaucrats in the Capital Cities have inflicted upon us their incorrect interpretation of the town names and we will suffer for ever more. MT Isa has made some effort to remedy this situation, informally it is now known as "The Isa"

Somewhere along the road from Irvinebank to Herberton we came across this windmill in the centre of the road! We stayed in Herberton for two days and it rained non stop for the two days. It was also quite cold, we had the heater ON in the van for the entire stay. Happy to leave actually. Restocked with fuel and food at Mareeba and headed for Cooktown.

The 'bush camp' setting at MT Carbine Caravan Park.

Another view of the CP.

There are plenty of "Mine Relics" scattered about.

Very interesting strolling around the CP.

Unusual 'Paint Job' on this old steam engine from the past mining era. The piston in the previous photograph is from this engine.

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