Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lions Den Hotel, Helenvale.

Many of the places we are visiting this time around we visited some sixteen years ago, The Lions Den Hotel at Helenvale is one of those places. We can faithfully report that not a lot has changed with 'The Pub' but there is a 'New Deck' for outside dining and drinking. There is also a large camping area out the back, don't think that was there previously, either. We hear through the "Traveller Chat Line" that the Lions Den Hotel is for sale if you can anti up the required 2.5 million they are asking. The Bloomfield Track passes out front, so we went for a drive down to Bloomfield to see the waterfalls there. We were expecting an adventurous driving experience but were non-plussed to drive on newly sealed road for most of the way. We could have towed the van down for the day! Somebody in a Mazda 2 could have made the drive quite easily! I believe the section of The Track from Bloomfield to Cape Tribulation is marginally more difficult with several creek crossings. The drive down to Bloomfield was quite interesting, travelling through The Wet Tropics all the way.

The same Entrance to The Lions Den Hotel, the Lion's Mane is getting a tad mangey now.

Cleaning-Up out front from the night before, it was a 'Big One'.

The Side Bar from inside. Check out the floor, you can see through it in several places and it all moves as you walk through.

From the Bar across to The Pool Table.

There are several large Goanna that roam the camp area. They are not at all concerned with the human presence.

The Little Annan River runs through at the bottom of the camp area, Jude was considering a swim.

The swimming hole in The Little Annan River.

When we booked in for two nights Management warned us that The Endeavour Rally was calling in on the second night, we weren't concerned, but we were the only other campers in sight. 

We were led to believe that there was going to be about 150 vehicles arrive.

There was even a "Roller" in the Rally. There was also a big Merc but I didn't get a photograph of that.

Preparing to leave Saturday Morning for the final leg of the rally to Port Douglas.

Final checks at the entrance to The Pub.

As well as being quite colourful, it was very noisy as well, with sirens and blaring speakers.

It was fun watching them all prepare to leave for the day especially considering the 'Night' they put in. The last reveller quietened about 4AM and the early risers were apparent soon after Sun-Up.

Bloomfield Falls on The Bloomfield River.

If you can enlarge the photograph (click on it), you will see a Crocodile sunning itself on a log near the far river bank just downstream from the falls..

Black Mountain, a very unusual formation beside The Mulligan Highway near Helenvale.

This is what it looks like close up.


  1. Hi Noel and Judy
    The Pub is a dinky di place and take awhile to have a good look around the place, did you find our business card tucked away on the broad.
    The black mountain is unreal thing to see out there in the bush.
    Still having a great time on the road
    Cheers Jim and Lee

  2. I saw about 5000 Business Cards on the wall, I didn't notice yours! Ha Ha Ha. Regards Noel