Monday, July 22, 2013

Laura Hotel and Split Rock Aboriginal Art.

We had received great feedback from many sources about The Aboriginal Rock Art at Split Rock near Laura therefore we had to turn right at Lakeland on our journey south from The Lions Den Hotel. On entering the GPS Co-ordinates for the Laura Pub we headed North-West on The Peninsula Development Road. The driving in this country is spectacular. Every kilometre north of Mount Molloy was an eye opener. We had 'Jump Ups', Rocky Escarpments, banana plantations, hop plantations, red paw paw plantations and fantastic grazing country. All in all, brilliant touring country. Fortunately Laura is only a very small community because the GPS delivered us to the entrance to The Laura Roadhouse, we found the Laura Pub further along and on a side road. We mentioned this error to the publican and he said he knew that, the phone number is listed incorrectly as well.

The Laura Hotel, we sat out front with some other travellers and downed a few stubbies.

Our camp site at the rear of the pub, we had our own termite mound for company. The pub rooster woke us at dawn as well.

This is the terrain of The Split Rock Aboriginal Art Site, 13 km from Laura on the Lakeland Road.

Flying Fox Cave.

There are three central characters on this wall, a woman, a man and a red dingo. Can you pick each image. The small character, lower right is a Happy Spirit.

This would be a woman hunting an Ant Eater. The white male character with the bent limbs in the centre is an Unhappy Spirit.

Men hunting Kangaroo. Women were well thought of! Images included on every wall.

Long Tom Fish feature here.


  1. Noel and Judy

    It sounds and looks wonderful, how are the roads for caravans out there? How far are you's going up North form here?

    The way you comment on the country, I did not know it was so productive place, we will go back up there at the right time of the year.

    Keep well and keep the post coming

    Cheers Jim and Lee

    1. Hi James and Lee, For the most part the roads up north are very good, quite OK for Caravans. The road to Laura is sealed all the way and in excellent condition. That is this year! Maybe entirely different next year if they receive abnormal rain!