Monday, July 1, 2013


Ravenshoe is a lovely small country town and a delight to visit but because it is the highest Queensland town the climate is vastly different to the nearby coastal areas. The nights we experienced were decidedly cool. Needed all our available blankets. I even had to buy a beanie to wear to bed with my thick socks. The days though were very pleasant. It was Origin 2 during our stay in Ravenshoe, Jude and I went to The Club Hotel for dinner and to watch the game on a big screen TV with a crowd of cheering 'Locals'. The night was terrific, rolled out of The Club at about 11:00 PM for the short downhill walk back to camp.

We had just set up camp in The Ravenshoe Railway Camping Ground at $8 per night with hot showers, when a Charity "Cairns to Karumba" Bike Ride entered town for the lunch break. There were about 150 Competitors all told plus support crews.

Our camp site at Ravenshoe with the refurbished steam train in the background. The train, that is maintained and operated by local volunteers, has not been running for some time due to track issues. The track has now been refurbished and once it has been certified safe the train will resume running. July 7th was the official re-opening target date.

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