Monday, March 10, 2014

Police Paddocks, Victoria.

Near Rutherglen, Victoria. On the southern bank of The Murray River there is a Reserve named 'The Police Paddocks'. This reserve dates back to times when the police force was horse mounted. The Police Paddocks is actually an island, of over 500 hectares, created by The Murray River. Here the police horses were rested and presumably they also bred up numbers while here as well.

There were many camps along the river when we arrived but we found a clearing, relatively clear of trees to camp. Somebody had obviously camped here before us as there were 'dig outs' for the caravan wheels etc. We later learned that the site was used by a "permanent" and he had been 'moved on' only days before. We deduced this for ourselves before too long as the area was infested with at least three types of ants that would be happy to nip into your feet and legs if you stood still for more than 30 seconds. Flies were also in abundance. But we were on a great position on the river and we only intended staying here for two nights.

Our idyllic camp site at The Police Paddocks.

Looking upstream towards Wodonga.

The downstream view from our camp site.

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