Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nyah to Hopetoun, Victoria.

Robinvale was going to be our designated finish point for our travel along The Murray River because two years ago we travelled The Murray from it's mouth at Goolwa, SA upstream to Robinvale. This would have seen us travel the full length of the river. Unfortunately for us there are very few river side camp areas between Nyah and Robinvale and those that are there are not receptive to caravan travel. At least our caravan type! As the distance to be completed is only about 100 road km we decided that we were near enough to our goal.

Our caravan is due for a service soon and is booked into Hall's Jayco, Mildura on 7th April. This created a two weeks space in time to fill in. We decided to make a slight deviation to Warracknabeal then travel north to Mildura to meet our service appointment. We are travelling through the Mallee Cropping country. Due to the large scale amalgamation of properties into Super Cropping Enterprises and the exodus of many people the small towns in the region are facing a serious decline. In many respects they are relying on travelling Aussies to maintain some business in their towns. The Council of Yarriambiack is particularly active in providing Free or Cheap Camping areas in many of the towns within it's boundaries.

Chinkapook Public Hall was our lunch stop on the first day.

Beside the Hall is the now very overgrown Tennis Club Courts. Every little town still has it's Grain Silos. The only enterprise still functioning here.

Beside Lake Tyrrell was our camp area for the night. On the far shore of the lake Cheetham Salt harvests somewhere in the region of 25000 tonnes of salt. The lake area is about 26000 hectares.

Sea Lake is the home of The Mallee Rally for Off Road Vehicles and Motorcycles. The course is around Lake Tyrrell and navigates 4 laps of the 83 km loop. The major buildings in these towns are always The Pubs.

The Sea Lake is the second Pub still in operation in town. We were in Sea Lake for lunch today.

Our camp tonight is in Woomelang. One of those free camp areas in the centre of town that includes hot showers. There is also 240 v power available for a donation.

Modern, clean facilities and two free caravan bays in the centre of town.

The Commercial Hotel in Woomelang, definitely the most impressive building here. There is a population of 180 in town. The people we spoke to seem very civic minded and are proud of their town.

The Woomelang Railway Station is boarded up. Replaced by a Bus Service between Mildura, Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.

The trains only stop on occasion to pick up grain now.

Only a short distance on to Lascelles for morning tea. Somebody in town is into painting Murals on some of the local businesses. The toilet and shower amenities received the treatment here. Behind the amenities are 5 caravan bays.

More Murals on the facias of these old shops. Unfortunately both businesses are closed. Notice the ever present Grain Silos in the background. Every town has them.

Once again the pre-eminent building in Lascelles is The Minapre Hotel. I don't know what the population of Lascelles is as I didn't see anybody to ask them!


  1. We used to go to the races at Sea Lake when we lived and worked at Dartmouth Dam in the late 1970s. We did up an old Falcon with a friend, he was the driver, Julie was navigator and I was pit crew. Other friends raced a Land Rover. Finally getting some rain here at Hervey Bay. Safe travels.

    1. Hi Guys, must have been fun in an old Falcon, it's pretty rugged terrain around Lake Tyrrell. But I suppose it would depend on the season! Back home for a while are you? Lot's of rain we heard!