Friday, March 14, 2014

Barmah Lakes, Barmah State Park, Victoria.

Called into Cobram for some minor supplies then went for a longer drive for a change. The camp areas become a little sparse along the river for a while therefore we are moving onto Barmah Lakes Camp Ground. I put the camp co-ordinates into the GPS and then we were treated to a wonderful scenic drive through gravel roads finally entering the State Park via the back gate, or so it seemed. We were travelling on 4wd tracks to reach the Camp Ground. This was no problem in the dry season we are now experiencing but it would have been impossible after heavy rain.

We got talking to a couple of our fellow campers in the Camp Ground, Graeme and Sandy,  after several hours of general conversation we discovered that we came from the same town, Drouin. I knew Graeme and his passion for Hot Rods at the time. This was about 50 years ago, we had not seen each other in all that intervening period. Another couple, Bob and Teddy pulled into camp and we had a great Happy Hour, or more!

It was vastly different here at Barmah Lakes, it was very quiet. No ski boats and no Corellas, bliss.

The Murray River at Barmah Lakes.

The smaller of the two main lakes in the State Park. The other, Moira Lake, is much larger.

There is even a small steam powered Paddle Boat moored in the river.

If you double click on this photograph, you will see that there are two Pelicans perched on the dead tree on the end of the island eyeing off the tourists in The Kingfisher sight seeing punt.

Gunbower, a house boat owned by Bill. Judy and I went aboard Gunbower and sat on the front deck and had a long chat with Bill. He was moored here to get away from power boats for Labour Day Weekend and Easter. He can't get past Torrumbarry Weir until there is more water in the river.

There are some great old and gnarled River Red Gums in the park.

Another River Red Gum.

Yet one more River Red Gum.

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