Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hopetoun, Victoria.

Some places you like to stay in during your visit, but other places you just love the setting and love the positive vibes from the towns folk who have gone to the trouble to set this up for you, and provided via donations to The Honesty Box. Lake Lascelles in Hopetoun is one of those places. The Business People in Hopetoun are interested in the local citizens and the visitors alike.

Small towns in the Wimmera and Mallee are struggling to survive and one avenue of survival is to attract visitors, lots of visitors. Many of the campers we spoke to had been to Hopetoun on several occasions because it is so beautiful. Us oldies need some daily exercise and here there is a perfect walk, around the lake and into town and return in under 3.5 km.

Lake Lascelles water level is maintained by pumping water into the lake. This in turn provides a recreation  area for the local population and also attracts many visitors.

This was the outlook we woke to each morning.

Looking from the town side of the lake towards our camping area. We were near an amenities block with solar heated showers.

Looking over the Boat Ramp towards the Day Picnic Area.

There are various other types of Accommodation on offer, like the Shearers Quarters, the Woolshed and these Silos. All uniquely interesting and different.

There is a Fire Pit area adjacent to a Camp Kitchen provided for the lodgers in the various types of Accommodation.

In town it is not very busy but there is a consistent traffic flow.

The other main thoroughfare in Hopetoun.

The Butcher, come Cafe, come Gift Shop, who's premises is in the photograph above, also likes to provide a daily dose of Philosophy for his clients.

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