Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Towong Reserve, NSW

Best we resume travelling again, might slip into the habit of staying someplace for too long! Called into Corryong, stocked up the caravan with some fresh veggies and filled the water tanks and then continued along the Murray Valley Highway some more. Heading for the town of Towong which is in NSW and alongside The Murray River. This will be our next stopover.

A short distance from Tallangatta, is Old Tallangatta, the town that was inundated by Lake Hume. Now Old Tallangatta is again visible, well the foundations of the town are. This is the site of the old town.

While we were looking at and photographing the Old Town site, Barry, a local identity, happened to be walking past on a short 20 km stroll and offered us some insights into the history of the area.

Once settled into Towong Reserve, this is the view from our awning. This is the down stream view of The Murray River.

This is what we see looking at The Murray River up stream. directly outside our caravan door. You would pay a ransom to holiday here, but for travellers like us it is absolutely free.

Not far from where we are camped, this is a view of The Murray River Valley.

We are travelling along The Alpine Way south towards Tom Groggin. Behind the Ranges in the background here is Mount Kosciusko.

The Alpine Way from Khanncoban to Tom Groggin is very steep with very narrow cuttings in many places.

The Tom Groggin area, presumably, was named after this Cattle Station.

This is some of the area of Tom Groggin Station.

We drove 75 km to see this section of The Murray River at Tom Groggin. This photograph is looking up stream towards The Murray Headwaters, still approximately 50 km further on.

This is The Murray River looking down stream from Tom Groggin. Travel 75 road km and you will arrive at our camp at Towong Reserve.

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