Monday, February 24, 2014

Beechworth, Victoria

We pulled into Pioneer Bridges RA beside the Ovens River mid afternoon for a coffee. Although some rough weather was building we decided to make camp for the night. About 7 PM we were assailed with lightning, thunder, high winds (bit worried about the trees) and heavy rain. It was all over in about 2 hours. The following day dawned overcast with a very cool breeze and it remained that way until mid afternoon.

Walking the streets of Beechworth was a chilly affair - should have pulled on the long pants and shoes instead of shorts and sandals! Continued on to Yackandandah for lunch. Eventually we found a parking area out front of the hospital. This was too far from the CBD to do the usual walk-around. So no site seeing or photos from there. If a town doesn't provide parking for caravans we don't stop!

By this time of day we wanted to set up camp so we drove through Tallangatta, which is on the southern shore of Lake Hume, to Pig Point Reserve on the Mitta Mitta River. The water level in Lake Hume is very low, exposed flats have a good grass cover with cattle grazing them. Pig Point Reserve is complete solitude, no radio (other than JJJ, how come they are everywhere?) no TV and no phone or internet. Here you just talk to the other campers, or listen to the birds. We will stay here 'till we use our fresh water supply.

It seems a quiet day in the main street of Beechworth.

One of the side streets of Beechworth with a sign post of nearby towns.

Ornate Post Office of Beechworth.

Jude is studying the gold prices outside of The Bullion Exchange, wondering if she will invest today!

Tow trucks here are really up-to-date.

The old historical administrative area of Beechworth.

The large Central Park area.

Still have horse watering troughs in Beechworth.

Beechworth Prison. Free lodgings if you also want to give up some other freedoms, like roaming the shops at any time.

Our beautiful camp site at Pig Point Reserve. The Mitta Mitta River is just beyond our caravan.

The opposite bank of the river with some very curious cattle.

The high country beyond The Mitta Mitta River. We will be exploring this country in a couple of days time.

A fallen gum in The Mitta Mitta River.

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