Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eldorado, Victoria

After "Long Service Leave" from the Blog, while we were visiting friends, relatives and family in Southern Victoria, we are back on the road again. As good as it was to catch up with everyone, it is also great to be back on the road. The Blog is back in business, hopefully we can bring you some interesting and up-to-date information along the way.

Our very rough plan is to meet up with the Murray River somewhere near the headwaters and follow it downstream to Robinvale or maybe further! Our destination after that will be decided at a much later date.

The Geelong-Melborne Road, Western Ring Road and the Hume Freeway makes for very easy driving but we decided to make an early stop-over at Balmattum RA near Euroa. It features acres of bitumen and hundreds of very large trucks, all night. In the far background you can see the profile of the country we are heading for.

Driving along the highway to Corryong we noticed a turn-off to Eldorado. It was many years ago that we visited that area. An executive decision was made, we completed a U-Turn and went back to the turn-off. We spent about half a day there. We met Maureen Hearn, a local resident, who writes 'The Eldorado Star' a bi-monthly News Letter. Maureen gave us a copy of The Eldorado Star and I will include it on the blog as soon as I can scan it into my computer. McEvoy Tavern lays claim to being the smallest Pub in Victoria.

Directly opposite the above businesses is this small but well developed park. More upgrades are planned I believe.

The Gunhouse has recently been refurbished. Unfortunate about the new sign board though. Obviously Signwriters no longer need the ability to spell correctly! "Soilders Memorial" the sign quotes.

Main Street is lined with these fabulous Gums that have just shed their bark.

Unfortunately the school is closed but is now used as a Museum. The Children now have to travel to Tarrawingee School. About 10 km distance. The Chain Bucket on the right is from The Eldorado Dredge.

An easy 1 km walk from the centre of town brings you to the Swing Bridge. Judy is crossing Bridge Mk 2. Mk 1 is a triffle unsafe but is still in position.

A view of the old swing bridge from the new one. Not sure if all that trash is from floods or just dropped off the surrounding trees.

Down on Reedy Creek below the swing bridges.

While scrambling down the bank to Reedy Creek I disturbed this monster Goanna. Luckily it decided to scale the tree and not me. It's tail alone is well over 1 metre in length.

As the name Eldorado suggests, This was a rich gold area. Alluvial Gold was mined here and this huge dredge travelled kms along Reedy Creek extracting Gold and Tin from the River Sands. The barge weighs in excess of 2200 tonnes and was powered by electricity. It was the # 3 user of electricity in Victoria after Melbourne and Geelong.

The gantry that controls the height (or depth) of the bucket chain.

Part of the bucket chain.

The main control room.

The 3 phase power lead. The power lead is at least 100 mm diameter.

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