Monday, February 24, 2014

Dartmouth Dam and Mitta Mitta, Victoria.

From our "base" at Pig Point Reserve we went on a Sunday Drive to Dartmouth Dam and Mitta Mitta Township. We have now travelled the length of the Mitta Mitta River Valley below the Dartmouth Spillway. The valley is beautiful, fertile and productive with both beef cows and dairy cows in large numbers.

The back of the Dartmouth wall. Notice the whiter areas on the Batters in the background? that is where the water flows from the spillway.

The vast lake of Dartmouth Dam.

The Hydro Power Station below the Dartmouth Wall.

An aerial schematic of the dam.

The horizontal elevation and details of the dam. The highest dam in Australia and the largest on the Murray/Darling System.

Commenced Feb '73, completed Nov '79.

The Mitta Mitta River below the town weir in Mitta Mitta Township.

The town park behind The Laurel Hotel, Mitta Mitta.

The Laurel Hotel, Mitta Mitta. Immediately after this shot another dozen bikers arrived.

The general store in Mitta Mitta.

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