Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wuruma Dam

Via sealed road, Wuruma Dam is about 35 km from The Burnett Highway. There is a much shorter gravel road leaving from Eidsvold, we opted to travel the longer route.

The first night we camped with seven other campers but as this is a reasonably large area we were not camped on top of each other. The 'Happy Hour' was interesting with all the camps converging under a shady Gum Tree. We felt at home here so opted for a second night camped overlooking the water with a wonderfully cooling breeze. We should stay longer but plenty of kms to travel yet!!!

We do not travel too far before pulling up for cup of tea, this is The Binjour Range Rest Area, a sheltered area tucked in the forest away from the highway.

Jude is waiting for the kettle to boil.

This reservoir was completed in the early 1970's

The spillway is 300ft across and at spillway height the water area is 4400 acres. As you can see we are approaching our wet season and the dam is still practically full.

Looking up one of the arms of the reservoir from the 'Look-Out'.

Looking back from our camp site towards the other campers. The amenities block is not in sight but on top of the rise in the background.

Looking across Wuruma Reservoir from our camp site.

This Shag was a constant visitor to this particular rock, drying it's plumage every day. Well, I guess it was the same Shag!!!

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