Sunday, December 16, 2012

Longreach Waterhole

Well chaps and chappies, I don't mind saying we expected to be a lot further up the highway than this today! The Landsborough Highway changes direction from more westerly before Longreach to more Northerly heading towards Winton and that means the prevailing breezes were now full-on head winds. Plus add into the equation Winton was expecting thunderstorms and flash flooding, well we decided to stay here and sit out the weather woes. We will see what eventuates with the weather tomorrow.

We didn't fully set-up because we were hoping to continue with our journey. Well that didn't eventuate, we are here for the night. Camping is permitted at a distance of 20m from the Picnic Area, one can stay for up to 4 days. 

The Thomson River, aka "The Longreach Waterhole". It wasn't long ago that the river was up to and over the 6m flood marker here.

There is a fairly extensive picnic area here at 'The Waterhole' but the grass is a bit thin with out much rain lately.

The Thomson River looking East, there is a railway bridge just at the end of vision.

From the North bank of the Thomson River looking back towards the Picnic Area.


  1. Is there any fish in this river?

    Jim and Lee

  2. Nobody was fishing while we were camped there, but I believe they do catch fish at other times of the year. Not much help there, hey.