Saturday, December 15, 2012

Springsure & Virgin Rock

We had to break away from our lazy stay beside the Dawson River, sitting there wasn't getting us any closer to Mount Isa. Our destination today was Springsure but first we had to reach Rolleston through 90 km of intermittent road works. It didn't turn out to be as bad as first assumed, the overall delay was only about 30 minutes for the 150 km trip. On reaching Rolleston we pulled in behind a Winnebago at a picnic rest area and as usual, we both knew each others' life history in short 10 minute conversation. It turns out that Maurie's family built a house in the same street where we now live and further to that we think that same house was demolished to build our Townhouse Complex.

Soon on our way again, onto Springsure, no more road works to delay us here. Jude posted our Christmas Cards and after a brief walk around the town we drove the short distance to the free camp at Virgin Rock, just out of town. There we had a few quiet beers with Carl who was going to set up a stall at the Friday Markets in Springsure the following afternoon. The Rock features are light by Spot Lights at night and this looks very impressive.

An Early Settlers Cottage in the Picnic area at Rolleston.

Oh, and the farmers wife is at home too! I wonder if scones, jam and cream are on the menu for weary travellers.

Virgin Rock and Zamia Range is clearly visible from the Main Street of Springsure.

The Information Board at Lions Park describing the origins of the name of the rock feature.

The Lion's Picnic area and adjacent free camping area.

Every picnic area seems to have a Fordson Tractor in place.

Just caught the last sun before it sets behind Zamia Range. Shame about the power lines spoiling the picture.

Early morning photo of our camp and the backdrop of the Zamia Range. It's a lovely place to camp but it's on black soil, you wouldn't want to be in here if rain was imminent.

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