Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lloyd Jones Weir, Barcaldine

We drove 15km out of Barcaldine into the Lloyd Jones Weir picnic/camping area and were a little disappointed after our camp at Jericho. It was dry and dusty and we were the only camp there, apart from a squadron of Apostle birds. The amenities are first class in the camp area, it is probably well patronised at other times during the year. Another Jayco Starcraft pulled into camp a little later, with a family of five. As with us, they were only staying one night before heading to Longreach. We woke to a Nor-Westerly breeze, not what we wanted towing a caravan into a head wind. We will see how far we can get!

This is The Lloyd Jones Weir, as you can see it is NOT full of water. We think this may be the Alice River, but not really sure. Somebody maybe able to enlighten us.

Kangaroo and 'Joey' on the river bank.

This little critter fell out of the tree, must have dozed off in the heat. It laid on the ground for a several minutes before starting the climb back up.

Flipping Aldi Beef Burgers on the banks of the weir. Using "Cobram" Olive OIl to cook and XXXX Bitter for lubrication.

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  1. If you don't like the place or the prices then stay at home under your rock!