Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wells Crossing Rest Area, NSW

Woo Hoo. On the road again. Seems like forever since we left the van, about 8 weeks in fact.We pulled into Wells Crossing for our lunch break, began talking to campers already there and decided to stay the night as well. This is a large area beside the Severn River and only 7 km from Ashford on the Pindari Dam Road. It is a very quiet at Wells Crossing, not much happens there but one highlight we noticed while having a cup of tea and watching the water flow past was an object swiftly swimming down stream. We only saw a small black head above water until a very large black snake emerged and began to sun itself on the opposite river bank. The snake would have been over one and a half metres and as thick as a mans wrist. Fortunately it eventually moved on.

This is our camp area from the opposite side of the Severn River, our van is the first from the right. A really magic setting for free camping.

On leaving Wells Crossing we drove the further 14 kms out to Pindari Dam to have a look at the camp site there. This is the view from the camp site back towards the dam wall, obviously the water level is far below the peak level. We could have parked our 6 m van, there was one site that could have accommodated us but the camp in general is for small vehicles only.

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