Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swan Brook Rest Area, NSW

Inverell was our lunch stop and a shopping stop. Once the pantry was restocked we left town amidst a thunder storm. We only had to travel 35 km along the Gwydir Highway to our first choice of camp sites. Swan Brook RA turned out to be a clean flat area alongside the highway bridge. The RA consisted mainly of a bitumen sealed area with a well grassed area furtherest from the road. One needs a book to read here as there is no television reception, 3G phone or Internet Connection to spend the time with. We could hear the rumble of thunder and the patter of rain as a storm front left Inverell and passed over our camp. We noticed in the morning that the other camper alongside us had left one of the windows in his car down and open to the elements.

Swan Brook Rest Area. We are way down the back, furtherest away from the highway as we could get and on a great grassed area. The brook is to the right and parallel with the rest area. I am standing on the approach to the highway bridge.

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