Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackadgery - Lollback Rest Area

We crossed 'The Range' today on the Gwydir Highway. This is not a real challenge, other crossings e.g. on The Oxley Highway are far more challenging. The road surface is not too bad either for most of the 111 km from Glen Innis to Jackadgery (pronounced Jack-adj-er-ee), unlike the the very bumpy Bruxner Highway further north. There is a good caravan park on the west side of The Mann River Bridge but we crossed over and camped at The Lollback Rest Area on the east side, four other campers joined us there. The name of the RA is taken from the Surname of two German brothers who came to the area in 1853. The son of one of the brothers took up land in 1896, named it Mossgrove Homestead. The descendants of the original brothers remain on that land holding today. At the 'Happy Hour' (or two) we met Tony and Sue who take Christmas Holidays at Brunswick Heads each year and know our friends Bruce and Julie from Hervey Bay very well. Isn't this a very small world.

Looking westwards over The Mann River valley from Lollback RA with the Gwydir Highway Bridge to the right of frame.

Lollback is not a vast area but we had 4 other camps in with us for the night.

The shelter is OK for a kitchen area but also contains historical material posted on the walls.

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