Friday, September 21, 2012

Glen Innis - Celtic Country

Soon after we left Swan Brook we found ourselves at Glen Innis. It was only a 32 km drive. We found ample parking for big rigs behind the Tourist Information Centre and went for a stroll around the CBD. On one side of the main street it was quite sunny but the other side, well, it felt 10 deg cooler in the shade. We came across an elderly local who was on for a chat at a sunny street corner, we learned much about the City from him. He seemed proud of the fact that Glen Innis was colder than Tenterfield. One gets hungry while walking so we headed 5 km south on the New England Hwy to Balancing Rocks Rest Area. We had lunch there but decided camping was too close to the hwy with many noisy trucks passing. On the move again we travelled 9 km north of G.I., still on the New England Hwy to Heritage Park Rest Area. This is a large grassed area well off the hwy and beside Beardy Creek. Some areas were extremely wet and boggy after the storm but any of the high areas were fine. So that was our day and ready for the night with four other campers. Following a very cold night we drove back into Glen Innis and visited The Australian Standing Stones. These form an immense solar calendar, rather like Stonehenge.

The sign to look for to find The Tourist Information Centre.

The Tourist Information Centre also doubles as a bus terminal. At the rear of the building is a very large parking area suitable for large caravans.

The CBD area is mostly contained along one main street. It was about 14 deg on the sunny side but felt considerably cooler on the shaded side.

Balancing Rock Rest Area is a large area beside the New England Hwy 5 km south of G.I. We had lunch here but the Rest Area was too close to the traffic noise. They are pretty big on slabs of basalt around these parts.

Another basalt arch at the entrance to Heritage Park Rest Area 9 km north of G.I. I didn't have thigh high rubber boots so couldn't get the correct angle for the shot. That's us way down the back, as usual.

The area experienced a thunder storm two days prior that left a lot of laying water in all the low areas. We are sitting high and dry up the back.

The Australian Standing Stones is a large Solar Calendar, rather similar to "Stonehenge". During May each year G.I. has a Celtic Festival that is conducted around the Standing Stones Park area.

These are the centre stones, looking to the East.

Of course Excalibur is here as well.

The Crofters Cottage looks over the Standing Stones and is the ideal place to enjoy a Celtic Tea and Ploughmans' Cake with butter.

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