Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our New Van

The time has finally arrived and we have taken delivery of our new caravan. This unit will give us the flexibility to camp in a wider variety of camp sites around the country, most times that will not be in a caravan park with all the luxuries that they provide.

We took delivery of the van 5 days ago but this is the first decent day to get out to take a photo. We are camped in the Barwon Heads CP. Since we have been here the wind has been gusting to Gale Force from the direction the camera is facing.

Our primary aim being here was to get the van set-up to our requirements. We also needed to  stock up with food and necessary accessories and also be in close proximity to our family in the nearby City of Geelong.

This was also our first opportunity to sit outside and relax with a beer and a book.

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