Friday, March 23, 2012

Apollo Bay Foreshore

Apollo Bay was always one of our favourite destinations during the time we lived in Geelong. This town was always going to be a "must do" destination for us. We camped in the Recreation Reserve and met so many wonderful travellers during our stay.

Went on our maiden cycle ride with our fold up bikes from Aldi. They have experienced some inclement weather here at Apollo Bay and some of the foreshore cycle/walk path has been destroyed, like this section here.

The view across the foreshore towards the town area and the marina.

On our cycle ride we came across these guys playing a game with one rubber thong. The idea is, there is an inner circle drawn in the sand, one person is in the centre with the thong, the others are on the circle, the centre person tosses the thong into the air and the others gain as much distance as they can before the thong lands on the sand, the centre person then attempts to contact one of the others with the thong, if successful, that person then takes the centre position and the game goes on.

The tide is out at this time and we are closer to the town.

This is the Tourist Information Centre. It is situated on the foreshore reserve at the east end of the CBD.

On the foreshore reserve there are many pieces of wooden sculpture, including these great seal pieces.

There are also 'totem' like sculpture pieces.

This is the beginning of the CBD approaching from the eastern end of town.

There are other inclusions along the foreshore park, like this relic from the sailing ship days. That's the ship's anchor I'm talking about, not Judy.

This view from Marengo, a satellite suburb of Apollo Bay, looking eastwards towards Apollo Bay. Notice the rolling hills behind the town.

Another angle from Marengo taking in Seal Rocks and the paddle boarders in the middle ground.

This fantastic view is from Marriner's Lookout at Apollo Bay, looking eastwards towards Skene's Creek. Unfortunately crews were burning-off in the valleys beyond Skene's Creek and the smoke-haze has obliterated the extended view.

From Marriner's Lookout looking westwards towards Apollo Bay and Marengo, you would almost think that you are flying in an aircraft the lookout is that high.

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