Saturday, March 24, 2012

Apollo Bay Agricultural Show

The home of the Annual Apollo Bay Agricultural Show is the Recreation Reserve. We and many others are camping in the large area of the Reserve, that meant that we had a frontline view and access to all the proceedings. We were very fortunate indeed to be able to take in all the events and the atmosphere of the Show.

One of the featured 'exhibits' at the show was the live creation a massive timber sculpture by the chainsaw artisan, Rob Blast from Seville, Victoria. Comments as to the eventual finished appearance ranged from Hammerhead Shark to Dolphin but not Whale. This is strange from people who live on the ocean coast with migrating whales passing close by.

This South American Macaw was also in attendance.

An overall photograph showing the colour and action of the Main Arena.

Beside the Main Arena, squeezed in to every corner were supplementary activities such as sheep handling with dogs and childrens' high slide.

This young female Koala was lapping up all the attention from many children wanting to pat her.

The delicate finishing touches to the Whale.

The finished article. The whole project took about 8 hours to complete. The piece was later auctioned and fetched a price of $800.00

The final event at the Show was the canine fence jump. This Whippet was the 'Runner-Up' contestant, seen here scaling a height of around 2.35 metres.

The winner of the canine fence jump was this keen contestant, seen here scaling the height of 2.4 metres, the only contestant to achieve that feat.

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  1. Every year we plan to travel the Great Ocean Road - and every year something happens to prevent it! Looks like a fun day out!!