Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Standown Park, QLD.

We travelled a further 60 km onto Standown Park which is located on The Tin Can Bay to Gympie Road. Standown Park was originally set up solely for Vietnam Veterans and features a Memorial to Service Personnel on the dam bank. The Park is now open to all visitors. The Camp Kitchen is amazing with a massive fire place located nearby. During our stay here, machinery was busy expanding the capacity of the park. Rod and Pam as the owners and hosts will make you most welcome. Check it out at:-

The entrance to Standown Park.

The large dam with the Servicemans Memorial on the dam bank.

The huge Camp Kitchen.

Have any complaints? Choose a Number!

Our new caravan on site at Standown Park.

A Pine Plantation is located on the opposite side of the road to Standown Park.

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  1. Hi

    Now I see the caravan more pictures and I think some of the Pines are not in line

    Jim and Lee