Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Maaroom, QLD.

Maaroom, first camp on our, hopefully, epic journey all over our great country of Australia. At only 53 km from our home, this is a tentative first stage as we complete a "shakedown" tour in our new Jayco Starcraft Caravan. We have the caravan booked into Warburton Caravans in Bundaberg, on September 5th, for the 1000 km After Sales Service where we will have any small faults rectified before we head off on the full journey.

Maaroom is a picturesque village on the Sandy Straits with views of Fraser Island. There are many kangaroos grazing on the Common Areas as well as Private Property. Unfortunately, because of the Mangroves growing on the foreshore, there are many biting Midges as well. Fortunately they are the type that the 'bites' only last about one hour.

We were made welcome at The Maaroom Caravan Park. You can view the details here:-

The entrance to the Caravan Park is only 400 metres from the Boat Ramp.

Some of the many kangaroos on this grassy area in the Park Grounds.

The Maaroom Estuary and The Sandy Straits at High Tide with Fraser Island in the background.

Some of the amenities in The Foreshore Park at Maaroom.

The Maaroom Estuary and The Sandy Straits at Low Tide.

The Boat Ramp and Pontoon at Low Tide.

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  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    Welcome back to the road, where's the picture of the new caravan

    Jim and Lee