Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Childers, QLD then Home.

As we get nearer to "home", the excitement of travelling seems to diminish. We are now in familiar territory, maybe that is the reason. Another factor could be the knowledge that we will soon need to work, cleaning the home and resurrecting the garden. Not to mention the mammoth job of unloading the car and caravan and to clean and polish them back to their proper state.

We made our planned stops at Goomeri and Childers before heading home to Hervey Bay unfortunately the weather turned a little nasty and curtailed our time outdoors. Sorry, no photographs to upload to the blog from these two towns. We have totally enjoyed our tour through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and return into Queensland way out west. It was a memorable experience for us and we hope you enjoyed our little story of the odyssey via this blog. We somehow travelled 12300 km in total and were away from home for about 28 weeks. Where did that time go?

This is not the end of our travels. We are already planning our next tour of this great country of ours. We think this maybe the time for the "Big Tour" of all the mainland states. Fingers Crossed!

After leaving Goomeri we stopped here at Lawless Park for 'Morning Tea'.

The nearby Boonara Creek flooded this entire area back in 2013 on 27th January. The water level was higher than the roof of our caravan.

The Picnic Shelter received a little damage to the roof during the flood. It is rather fortunate to be still standing in fact.

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