Sunday, January 6, 2013

Richmond RV Area

Up with the sun this morning at Julia Creek, planning an early departure to avoid the worst of the heat and the easterly winds as they pick up during the day.

Stopped at a roadside RA for morning tea and met a young couple from Richmond who had come out to clean the toilets and surrounds. Had a chat about important issues like road and weather conditions, types of vehicles for towing, brands of tyres to use and the tales of the influx of huge numbers of campers that arrive during the peak season of May through August.

The RV free camping area at Richmond consists of a gravelly paddock with no outlook what-so-ever but it does have a 'dump point' and is only one block north of the main street shopping area. An easy distance to walk in more normal temperatures.

It is too hot to get out with the camera on this visit. You can check back at this previous post for photos of Richmond.

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