Sunday, January 6, 2013

Campaspe River Rest Area

Once more we get on the road very early to avoid the high temperatures and gusty easterlies.

Made Hughenden for morning tea, refuelled, had a look at the RV camping area for possible future stays. The RV area is in The Showgrounds and looks very good, with green grass and well maintained facilities. There is a fee involved though. Made camp at The Campaspe River RA, 90 kms west of Charters Towers on the Flinders Highway. We have stayed here before and on this occasion we were able to camp in the exact same location, behind a huge mango tree that blocked out most of the highway noise. However, the downside was the extra long freight trains thundering past only 35 metres away ---- not too many of those though. I only heard two trains during the night, one, I thought was coming through the van door!

Photograph taken early morning, from beside the rail line looking towards our camp and the Flinders Highway beyond.

The rail trestle over the Campaspe River. The river bed does not have any water, only truck loads of sand!

More photographs of the Campaspe River here on a previous post.

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  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    Would you believe it! we stop at the same place for a rest when heading to Hughenden, I walked down to the river to check it out, the big mango tree was great to see but did not have any mangos shame.

    Jim and Lee