Thursday, January 10, 2013

Charters Towers

We received a message about a possible Fraudulent Mastercard transaction on our Credit Card, we didn't have a satisfactory phone signal at the Campaspe River RA to resolve the issue so had to break camp early and head into Charters Towers to follow up with the credit provider. After driving into town wondering what was happening with our finances all the way in, we found that the transaction in question was not fraudulent at all but quite normal, from a respected company and for the princely sum of AU$4.76. I guess somebody had to prove their worth to the company. We spent the remainder of the day camped behind the BP Roadhouse reading The Courier Mail and waiting for the the next morning to travel south to Belyando Crossing in the cool of day.

This 'sort of' makes you feel insignificant doesn't it! A four trailer Freightliner Road Train parked beside our small combination.

Reading The Courier Mail was how we spent the afternoon.

Early morning at The Dump Point and filling our water tanks beside the rejuvenated Poppit Head from the last operating gold mine, that ceased operations in 2002.

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