Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kununurra, WA.

We enjoyed more of The East Kimberley winter temperatures at Kununurra. Staying for five nights before we leave Western Australia after more than eight months touring the State. We stayed at Kimberleyland Caravan Park and while there I was able to repair two leaky water pipes. It seems strange how these leaks manifest themselves after travelling for over twelve months with no issues!

Looking across Lake Kununurra to the Sleeping Buddha, as viewed from our Caravan Park.

Friendly Johnson Crocodiles come up to the lake edge looking for a 'hand out'.

Rare Gouldian Finches in The Kimberleyland CP Aviary.

There are also Double Barred Finches. I've also seen these in the wild.

Downstream side of The Ord River Irrigation Scheme Diversion Dam. The retained water forms Lake Kununurra.

Initially water was pumped into the Main Irrigation Channel through this Pump House. The pumps are still housed there but the building is now The Pump House Restaurant.

Three delivery pipes from under the Pump House.

The three pipes shown above exit into the cage structure in the foreground and the gravity fed water from Lake Kununurra is flowing past in the background.

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