Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flying The East Kimberley, WA.

We weren't idle while staying in Kununurra. We also decided to take an air tour, with Kingfisher Tours, over many of the locations we experienced on land and also some that we have yet to visit.

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Kununurra and Western Australia heading into Northern Territory and on to Katherine.

The spillway for Lake Argyle is a natural creek system that returns the overflow back into The Ord downstream of the wall.

Lake Argyle and the dam wall.

There are many islands formed in Lake Argyle and are known to be ideal breeding habitat for The Johnson Crocodile. Estimated population of 35000.

Bungle Bungle Range from the air.

Beehive structures of the Bungle Bungle Range.

Piccaninny Gorge at The Bungle Bungle Range.

The Western Escarpment of The Bungle Bungle Range.

Another view of The Western Escarpment of The Bungle Bungle Range.

An overview of The Argyle Diamond Mine.

The Open Pit of The Argyle Diamond Mine. The mine now descends below the pit floor as an underground operation.

The extremely high priced El Questro Station Stay. Not much there to see!

The Gibb River Road with The Cockburn Range in the background.

This range was used as some of the setting in the Film 'Australia'.

Home Valley, another super expensive resort station stay.

The King River flood plain and tidal flats approaching Wyndham.

Wyndham from the air.

The Wyndham Port area and to the right side 5 Rivers Lookout.

Ivanhoe Crossing just outside of Kununurra. This river crossing is no longer maintained by the local council.

Irrigation branch channels and the beginning of farmed land.

This is part of the 30,000 hectares of irrigated land in Stage 1 of the Ord Scheme. another 15,000 hectares is being released in Stage 2.

The Ord River beside irrigated farms.

The Diversion Dam as we approach the airport.

Inside the plane mid flight. I am the fill in co-pilot today.

Jude outside our plane for the day.

Our Pilot, Bunzel, I think that was his name, in the process of tying down the plane.

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