Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cape Le Grand National Park, WA.

While we were able to fit in plenty of walking around Esperance we also explored the wider area by driving out to Cape Le Grand NP and points further East. This touring day was quite leisurely and enjoyable except for one mishap, as I was taking the first photograph of the day the camera battery expired, it had zero charge! Fortunately I had my iPhone 5 with me, even though it was useless as a Mobile Phone, as there was No Service, it served OK as a replacement Camera. All the following photographs were taken with the iPhone.

Cape Le Grand NP. The beach, the Day Picnic Area and the Camp Ground nestled in amongst the trees in the background.

Cape Le Grand Beach and Headland.

There are several beaches in The Cape Le Grand National Park and they are all beautiful. This one is Hellfire Bay.

Frenchman Peak in Cape Le Grand NP.

A close-up of the Frenchman Peak.

The vivid white sands of Thistle Cove, Cape Le Grand NP.

While having lunch at Wharton Beach, Duke of Orleans Bay, this is outside the precincts of Cape Le Grand, we were under the scrutiny of two Skinks. One is here beside Judy.

We eventually discovered that they were after our lunch! This one has taken a liking to some residual mayonnaise left in the container.

The other one was curious about trying some Pink Lady Apple.

The fabulous Wharton Beach with unbelievably clean, white sands. The Duke of Orleans Bay is to the East of Cape Le Grand NP.

As we have been driving around these Southern Areas we have noticed vast amounts of these yellow blooms. Apparently it is Christmas Bush, this could be a common name, because it always flowers for the Christmas Period. The colour will change later to a deep red tinged golden colour. The Christmas Bush is a parasite plant living of it's host tree.

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