Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melrose and Quorn, S.A.

We were a trifle undecided (or confused) about where we should be heading to because of the School Holidays and the Easter Break looming. One thought was for heading to The Flinders Ranges, that is why we are now camped in the Showgrounds of the small town of Melrose.  While in Melrose we made the 63 km dash up to Quorn for a look around there. Now, we think it will be too crowded in 'The Ranges' and are going to back track and head south to The Yorke Peninsula, we will be leaving Melrose tomorrow morning. We have located camping space on the peninsula and will be there for the week over the Easter Break.

Quite a lovely setting here at Melrose Showgrounds with Mount Remarkable in the background. We only have a short time of shade around 10 AM, other than that we are in full sun.

Adjacent to the Melrose Caravan Park is this Swing Bridge. There is also a causeway over the creek for access to tent camping sites. Many walking and cycling tracks begin on the far side of the creek.

Part of Melrose, with Art Work depicting the Hiking and Cycling possibilities of the town.

Quorn has many old buildings such as The Mill that is now utilised as a Motel.

The larger of several hotels in Quorn.

The Quorn Town Hall.

The Quorn Railway Station. The Pichi Richi Railway departs from this station.

The narrow gauge Pichi Richi steam train.

The Steam Locomotive of the Pichi Richi Railway.


  1. wish i had the knw how to make a blog
    and love the pics

    1. Chris, it is not as hard as it may seem to produce a blog. There are templates to follow, then just upload some photos and add some commentary. Also, mostly it is free to do. Regards Noel