Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Burra, S.A,

The drive across the South Australia Border and onto Burra was probably one of the longest single day treks we have made on this particular journey. The day was mostly wet and drizzly, therefore we opted to keep driving and stay out of the rain for as long as possible. We made camp in the Burra Showgrounds, the sites here are not very level but we found a reasonable site with some grass. The show grounds committee has levelled off two large areas for campers but the ground works are only in the early stages yet. The soil hasn't compacted and has not been sowed to grass. It was obvious to "Blind Freddy" that the fresh earthworks were not drivable but some idiots had tried to make camp there and gouged deep ruts through the soil.

Burra is a very old town, it originated because of the nearby Copper Mine.

The Burra Creek runs through town with this great Rest Area on the opposite bank.

The Servicemens' Monument and Bandstand in the centre of Burra.

An original riveted span bridge over Burra Creek.

This Jinker was purpose made to carry machinery to the Copper Mine.

The Open Pit Copper Mine. The water is 50 metres deep and is coloured green because of the copper oxides leeching from ore body. The Engine House (pictured below) is situated on the far side of the Open Cut.

This was the Engine House for the Copper Mine.

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