Sunday, August 2, 2015

Katherine Gorge, NT.

Our primary reason for our stop-over in Katherine was to take in The 2 Gorges Boat Tour of Katherine Gorge. This particular tour is very popular with visitors to Katherine, so it was essential for us to book in advance. Katherine Gorge is spectacular but pretty much like all other gorges in Northern Australia, but we are happy that we have been there. 

In the early stages of the gorge the rock formations are not so high.

But as we progress deeper, the vertical cliffs become much higher.

This Johnson Crocodile eventually tired of our intrusion and slide into the water. As they normally do!

Into the second section of the gorge now, the river is narrower and the gorge walls much more rugged.

There are many 'over hangs'.

Caves, such as this one, that has nesting Fairy Martins in it.

During the Record Flood of Katherine in 1998, the water level was above the upper opening on the rock wall.

There are many seepage points along the gorge walls that provided sustenance for vegetation.

You might recall the old Australian Film, "Jedda". Well this is Jedda's Leap that was a feature of the film.

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