Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kiama, NSW.

We are south of Sydney now and can feel the difference in the climate. The days are sunny and warm but the evenings and nights can be rather cool. We decided to continue south on the M31 until we reached the Mittagong Off Ramp and thus bypass Wollongong and The Bulli Pass. We were surprised however by having to negotiate The Macquarie Pass down to Albion Park then Kiama. This Pass has 15 kph Hairpin Bends, quite exciting when towing a caravan. We could hear Transport Drivers on the CB Radio abusing car drivers that were crossing the centreline in front of them on the bends. We are camped in The Big 4 CP at Easts Beach, Kiama. The park is quite large and as you would expect from a Big 4 CP it is extremely well maintained. We heard of a 90 minute foreshore walk along the cliffs into Kiama township and the Blow Hole, we had to do it! The day was perfect so we had no excuse not to do it.

Easts Beach out front of The Big 4 CP.

A section of the rocky foreshore with the Kiama Blow Hole in the far background.

We soon came to the Little Blow Hole. As it sometimes happens, on this particular day the Little Blow Hole was performing far better than the Main Blow Hole.

The Surf Beach was providing some great waves for the Surfers.

The Kiama Lighthouse and Blow Hole is getting nearer.

The Main Blow Hole was rather disappointing today, this was the best photograph out of the five that I was able to take.

Jude in front of The Kiama Lighthouse. From here we went to the Kiosk and bought an ice-cream before the homeward walk.

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  1. Looks very familiar. I used to work near the little blow hole and could hear it from my office.