Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Rock, NSW

We finally have the car and van heading towards home. We left Hervey Bay late February and will be home early October. Not a bad holiday break!

First stop-over is Red Rock. It is still school term holidays so the tariff is a bit steep at $26 pn for no power and no water. Well, there is water, but it's from a bore and it stinks.

The place name comes from the red rocky headland at the mouth of The Corindi River Estuary. The original Aboriginal inhabitants named the place Blood Rock. Judging by the number of empty shells along the tidal zone of the estuary, oysters would have figured large in the diet of these early inhabitants.

The outlet of the Corindi River.

The Corindi River flows fast and deep past this point.

Rocks encrusted with oyster shells. The shells are in the 1000's but unfortunately they are all picked clean.

Some of the red rock that gives this place it's name.

The coast looking north towards Wooli from the top of the headland.

Approaching the headland from the south side.

Looking south along the coast towards Woolgoolga.

It is school term holidays at the moment. Looks as if some children have erected themselves a drift wood shelter on the beach.

The estuary is badly silted up with sand. Last time we were here, about 18 months ago, the area had sustained heavy rainfall and the estuary was clear of the sand.

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